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A successful presentation of praise music requires time, effort and a good deal of practice and preparation.

The Praise Teams listed here always need any type and level of talent to help with praise services. If you are dedicated and committed to practicing and performing with any instrument or voice of your choosing, please join any of the praise teams listed on this site. Email any Praise Team leader of your choice to be kept informed about schedules, performance dates and any other announcements.

Guest Performances:

If you have a music group or if you would you like to refer a praise or music band that wishes to lead out in the praise service as a guest performance occasionally, such participation would be highly appreciated. Please let any Praise Team leader know your details. The music/performance can be in any language or a music group from any other church. The styles may range from traditional to moderate contemporary, Gospel etc.

Affiliation with PraiseLive:

If your Praise Team group is interested in using this site to keep your members informed about various events that are undertaken, just send an email with your group's name and location to info@praiselive.com and a dedicated page will be created to reflect your Praise Team. You may then email regular updates to us and your Praise Team page will be updated in a timely and regular manner. This is free!


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